September 18th, 2006


Hi All!

Name- Robin Green
3 words to describe you- independent and strange, but im still cute
Likes- green, kittens, and my boyfriend
Dislikes- whores, sweat, and close-minded people
Favorite color- orange, black, and green
Hobbies- sketching, design, writing, kittens.
Pet Peeves- i dont have a pet peeve, i have a pet Elphaba tho. and a gizmo and orange cat
Talents- drawing, rolling, singing, and never being in class two days in a row
Favorite sport- the one where you sit
Favorite food- chocolate. anything chocolate
Favorite Wicked song- Defying Gravity and As Long As You're Mine
Favorite Wicked character-Elphaba, of course
Anything else we should know- no, that seems to be it ^_^

<3 a real Green girl >^_^