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Quiz bit and other stuff.

Name- Rob
Age(no one under 13)- 18
3 words to describe you- Dorky, easily amused, single-minded
Likes- Besides Wicked: Star Wars, LOTR, most music, plants and trees, I could go on.
Dislikes- Blind followers, homophobes (won't go there), too much studying
Favorite color- green (even before Wicked)
Hobbies- Bonsai, writing, reading anything I can get
Pet Peeves- Lots of mess.
Talents- Umm....creativity...
Favorite sport- Right now...Racquetball.
Favorite food- too many
Favorite Wicked song- Can't decide...umm, Popular maybe.
Favorite Wicked character- Fiyero
Anything else we should know- I hate The Wizard of Oz, strange or common?

More about the differences between the musical and the book, I'm almost done with the book and I have not actually seen the musical. But I have heard plenty and the emphasis is definitely different. I would put forth that some of that is production value/limitations etc. But there are definitely differences.

One of my Professors (first-year college student) acutally is friends with William Youmans (Doctor Dillamond, OBC). She went to see the musical and got backstage and everything. But then she didn't stand in line for autographs! Getting backstage is the hard part. If I'd gotten that far I definitely would have stood inline for autographs. I mean, it's Idina Menzel?!
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