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hey i am new here

Hey i know i am new to this community but i am not new to Wicked.

Name-Mary Therese (MT)
Age(no one under 13)-20
3 words to describe you-fun, artistic, spontaneous.
Likes-Wicked, Norbert Leo Butz voice (hahah no lie), Musical Theatre
Dislikes-ignorant people, betrayal, being alone
Favorite color-purple, blue
Hobbies-Acting, singing, dancing, drawing, basically anythign dealign with the arts.
Pet Peeves- when thin people say that they are fat when they clearly arent fat.
Talents- singing and belting like idina ( i really can), acting, dancing (i've been dancing since i was 8), drawing (i can draw amazingly according to some people despite my visual disabilities.)
Favorite sport-volleyball
Favorite food-italian food, mac and cheese
Favorite Wicked song-thats hard hmmm "what is This Feeling", "Dancing Through Life", and "As Long As You're Mine"
Favorite Wicked character-another toughy it would be a tie between Elphaba and Fiyero
Anything else we should know- I have seen the show about 3 times, i have the grimmerie, and all my friends tell me that i am the wicked encyclopedia because i knwo so much about the musical. i guess that is it. Have a great day.
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