Mary E. Gober (missmarypotter) wrote in wicked_luvers,
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Name- Mary
Age(no one under 13)- 28
3 words to describe you- Artistic, Creative, Genuine
Likes- Harry Potter, Lost, Smallville/Superman
Dislikes- the color pink, most veggies, George W. Bush
Favorite color- RED
Hobbies- art, novels, writing, movies, music
Pet Peeves- people who call Harry Potter pagan, George W. Bush
Talents- Art, singing, graphic design, story telling
Favorite sport- Quidditch
Favorite food- Veal Tortillini in a Cream Sause
Favorite Wicked song- I'M NOT THAT GIRL - Elphaba
Favorite Wicked character- Elphaba
Anything else we should know- I made art see here. Desktop design here Example below:

Don't Wish, Don't Start
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