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Hi ya'll im new! figured i'd introduce myself with the survey::

Name-  Lauren J. ((( LJ )))
Age(no one under 13)- 18
3 words to describe you- funny, friendly, wickedobsessed!!
Likes- musicals, reading, music, food
Dislikes- annoying little brothers who make fun of my obsessions :P
Favorite color- greeeeeeeen
Hobbies- reading, playing guitar
Pet Peeves- hmm, dont know!
Talents-  im a great cook!
Favorite sport- swimming
Favorite food-  chinese
Favorite Wicked song- DEFYING GRAVITY!!! i also love What Is This Feeling
Favorite Wicked character- Elphaba of course
Anything else we should know- hmmm, nope, if u do have questions tho feel free to ask!!!


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