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Name- Pandora
Age(no one under 13)- 15
3 words to describe you- Kind, assertive,
Likes- Harry Potter, Wicked (DUH!), seeing plays, decorating my room.
Dislikes- Liars, backstabbers, not keeping in touch with people.
Favorite color- green
Hobbies- Karate, singing, acting, writing, reading
Pet Peeves- Fake people.
Talents- Karate, singing.
Favorite sport- Soccer, I guess.
Favorite food- combo fried rice
Favorite Wicked song- Defying Gravity
Favorite Wicked character- Elphaba
Anything else we should know- I love my FO banner. Heh heh.
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Name- Ashley
Age(no one under 13)- 16
3 words to describe you- creative, fun, lovable
Likes- wicked, rent, broadway, hanging out with friends
Dislikes- bugs, annoying people
Favorite color- pink
Hobbies- hanging out with friends, singing, art
Pet Peeves- people who think they know everything
Talents- singing
Favorite sport- dont like sports
Favorite food- dunno
Favorite Wicked song- Popular
Favorite Wicked character- Galinda
Anything else we should know-
otter love

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Name- Jane
Age(no one under 13)- 15
3 words to describe you- ...this is hard...happy, hug-loving?, creative?maybe...
Likes- reading, crew, sleeping, acting, being a techie (yay techies), trees, Law & Order, Bruce Springsteen
Dislikes- cities, obnoxious people
Favorite color- green
Hobbies- reading...listening to music...
Pet Peeves- Those potted plants that hang from the ceiling right at my head level and whack me as I walk by.
Talents- maybe writing? I'm not really sure if I have any talents...
Favorite sport- crew, aka rowing, depending on where you live
Favorite food- nachos
Favorite Wicked song- I'm partial to Dancing Through Life
Favorite Wicked character- Elphaba mos' def.
Anything else we should know- Hmm...well, I've never actually seen Wicked. I've just listened to the soundtrack. And I've read the book; it's possibly the best book I've read in my life besides The Lorax...and...I'm a girl? I'm from Massachusetts?
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this should have been my 1st post sorry about before

Name- Danielle
Age(no one under 13)- 25
3 words to describe you- random, artistic, moody
Likes- check out my intrests on my info page
Dislikes- narrow minded, ego tisticle, shady people
Favorite color- Dark Red
Hobbies- reading, painting, sculpting...
Pet Peeves- unkept promises,complaining
Talents- Painting, Sculpting, dancing
Favorite sport- billards (it's on espn, it's a sport lol)
Favorite food- Pizza, chinese food
Favorite Wicked song- defying gravity/for good
Favorite Wicked character- Elphaba
Anything else we should know- I am female, I am bi-sexual, I love tattoos and I am latina
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Hey I was just reading through all the entrys in this community and I realized that a majority of them are all people answering the survey. All these people becoming part of the community for what? to read about other people who join the community... no... I don't think that was it. So I decided to add a little bit of discusion :)

I don't know how many of you have read the book but I just recently finished it and It amazes me how different it is from the musical. The musical still emphesizes on the nature of evil but it doestn't explain what hapened to Elphaba nearly as much as the book. It is a theme throughout the entire book about where evil comes from and what causes it. I have a few theroys about it myself and I was wondering if anyone has any of their own.

After she leaves shiz Elphaba has an affair with Fiyero, the winki prince. Later in the book it is sugested that she has his child. In attempt to get more of her attention I supose... Fiyero becomes involved in the political movements that elphaba has so secretly been involved in... which gets him killed. so of course, elphaba blames herself for her lovers death and goes to his wife, Sarima, in vinkus to ask for forgivness. She stays for the entire winter but never gets her wish. For Sarima refuses to hear elphaba's acount of Fiyero's death. in vinkus she realizes many things about herself that could have a factor in why she becomes "Wicked". For instance she finds out that she is a "half breed" because the wizard... who is human... is her real father. It is my theroy that the bit of human in her blood is what causes her to become "the wicked witch of the west" maybe it was maguire's intention to sugest that it is human nature to be evil and this with a combination of her scared childhood makes her who she is.

Does any one know what the sequel to wicked is called? I know there is one but I can's seem to find it anywhere. thx

oh and by the way... I don't know if anyone is still doing this but I never got stamped... :'(
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Name- Joshua Phllip
Age(no one under 13)- 18
3 words to describe you- random, dorky, tall
Likes- laughing, music, kindness, friendship
Dislikes- snobbiness, self-righteousness, anger
Favorite color- blue (any shade)
Hobbies- music, books, cooking, shopping (window)
Pet Peeves- Temper, inability to take 'no' as an answer
Talents- Double jointed thumb? Ability to play bassoon?
Favorite sport- Soccer/Rugby
Favorite food- Pasta of any kind.
Favorite Wicked song- Dancing Through Life
Favorite Wicked character- Nessarose
Anything else we should know- I love the book just as much as the musical.

Glad I found this place!
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Hey everyone! I've been a loyal wicked fan for about a month. I'm in the obsessed phase right now. joined the group to talk to other obsessed wicked fans! defy gravity!

Here is the survey:

Name- Brian Acevedo
Age(no one under 13)- 18
3 words to describe you- intelligent, loyal, artsy
Likes and Dislikes- see my lj..i don't wanna name them...there's too many!!
Favorite color- green (of course!)
Hobbies- see my lj!!
Pet Peeves- nail clippers, cell phones in libraries!!! turn the damn thing off!!
Talents- ask me...i'm an actor, writer, and amateur historian!
Favorite sport- eh...fencing?
Favorite food- various fruit
Favorite Wicked song- defying gravity (and no good deed)
Favorite Wicked character- Elphaba! duh
Anything else we should know- ehh...consult the magical lj
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Hello Wicked community :)

Name- Jill
Age(no one under 13)-almost 16
3 words to describe you- random, easily entertained
Likes- music
Dislikes- narrow minded or shallow people
Favorite color- maroon
Hobbies- reading, swimming, singing, smiling
Pet Peeves- complaining
Talents- I am an amazing day dreamer
Favorite sport- football
Favorite food- definately ice cream... no contest
Favorite Wicked song- what is this feeling/ defying gravity
Favorite Wicked character- dr. dillamond
Anything else we should know- I am female - I like females - I am currently residing in michigan, where I am going to be a jounior next year.

Yay!!! looking forward to meeting everyone :)
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Name- Brittney
Age(no one under 13)- 15
3 words to describe you- Fun, Talented, obsessive
Likes- Broadway
Dislikes- Rap :-P
Favorite color- Green
Hobbies- Singing, Acting, Listening to Jazz and Showtunes
Pet Peeves- When People Think there better then others
Talents- Singing, Acting, danceing
Favorite sport- Dont like sports
Favorite food- Anything Chinese
Favorite Wicked song- 'The Wizard and I' & 'As long as your mine'
Favorite Wicked character- Elphaba
Anything else we should know- I am a HUGE RENT fan!
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